Upcoming Events


Upcoming dates:
  • July 27th Pier  10:30-1:30am
  • July 28th Wicked Barley
  • August 1st Lynchs  10:30-1:30am
  • August 3rd Prohibition Kitchen
  • August 4th Surfer  9:30-1am
  • August 5th. Surfer 4-8pm
  • August 15th Lynchs 10:30-1:30am
  • August 31st Prohibition Kitchen
  • September 8th Surfer the bar  9:30-1am
  • October 6th Surfer the Bar 9:30-1am
  • November 9th Surfer the Bar  9:30-1am
  • November 17th Jekyll Island
  • December 29th Surfer the bar  9:30-1am